Boost! teacher training

This training will enhance your role as a teacher, helping you to create fun lessons with greater ease and confidence!

Nanette Boxman is an actress, singer, trainer, drama teacher and inspirational speaker who integrates her diverse skills to offer workshops to teachers who want to find ways of integrating fun and play in their lessons. The idea is to stimulate students’ curiosity and motivate them to take their next step in their learning goals.

About this training: Participants can choose from a one off workshop or a series of master classes to learn body language and voice techniques, via theoretical and practical excercises. Teachers can get tips on class management and how to be more present in a leadership role with challenging teenagers.

In these workshops, particpants learn how to mindfully observe; they learn how to appreciate the power of silence. Teachers learn to hone their skills in recognizing when there is a need to take action in the classroom and when to leave students to learn on their own.

Creating ‘BOOST, teacher training’ has truly set Nanette on fire and you will experience her love for sharing and interacting the minute you enroll. For she sees each training as a possibilty to positively adapt to a world that loves to be more curious and stay in a learning state. This is why to her it seems far more effective to, not just keep pointing at each other, or judge our current teachers, but get into fun, teambased action improving our teachers-performing skills.’

Here you see a Boost! training in action. Where teachers that coach student teachers at Hogeschool Utrecht joined forces as a part of the ’the student journey’ pilot this University is currently running.

As an actrice and experienced teacher, Nanette reveals in her workshops exiting ‘actors secrets’ that gain confidence, focus and creativity. Preparation tricks and excercises to step in and out of your role as a teacher. Tips on how to enter a classroom when it comes to presenting yourself in front of a group, while feeling secure about the knowledge that you bring. Be prepared to feel fully engaged and experience practical an theoractical ways to remain aware when occurring behaviour of ‘learning-stress’ arrises. This helps you to flip and USE these signals as a way to stay interactive and change the vibe to honest expierence based learning.